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Disk Laminating

Disk laminating can protect your own printed Cds and DVDs and make the artwork waterproof and scratch proof. Try our laminating service.
Give us a call, we'll be happy to give you a price for your job no matter how big or small.

Our ADR Roll Coater coats the printed surface of the disk with a UV protected layer which enhances the colours, stops water damage to the ink and also makes them scratch proof.

The ADR "Rollcoater" laminates InkJet-printed CDs/DVDs with an adequate UV coat and therefore makes the print water-, scratch- and UV-resistant.
Disk laminating

Professional Finishing

Inkjet-printing is still the most popular method for printing optical media. 
The disadvantage of inkjet-printed CD/DVDs is the water-solubility and the color-fading of the imprint when the CD/DVD is exposed to direct sunlight for some time.
The ADR "Rollcoater" solves this problem by coating the CD/DVDs with a UV-laquer and hardenig it under a special UV-lamp. 
This way you obtain a professional finishing.
Disk Laminating

Very economical

The ADR "Rollcoater" is the cheapest method for coating InkJet media professionally. This device is the right solution especially for service providers and publishers which produce large quantities of CDs/DVDs "on-demand".
Disk laminating