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Video Tape Conversion

 Video Tape Conversion


To preserve the memories on these older formats you need to consider putting the recordings on to a newer format.

Now is the time to convert all your camcorder tapes & home movies to DVD or MP4 files. We can convert all formats of tape from Betamax, VHS, VHS-C, mini dv, Micro MV, Hi8, 8mm, digital 8 mm and HDV to the broadcast formats such as  DVCAM, BETA-SP, U-MATIC, BETA SX and DIGI BETA..


We are also specialists in converting any format to MP4 files for uploading to social media or for playback on a Smart TV.

Video Tape To Conversion Prices

              Quantity      1+          5+          10+          20+    
   VHS & CAMCORDER TO DVD     £15     £12       £10       £9
   VHS & CAMCORDER TO MP4 FILES     £15     £15      £12       £12
   BROADCAST FORMATS     £25     £25      £20      £15

Please note, the prices above are up to 4 hours per cassette.


Additional copies are available from £4 per DVD


PLEASE CALL 0191 2302745







If you have a cassette from another Country then please look at our Video Standards pricing.

This will transfer your Cassettes to our TV system (PAL) and onto a DVD. We can convert VHS, VHS-C, 8mm & Hi8 in the American (NTSC) format to the UK format. WE can also do Secam from the French system